Friday, 21 January 2011

Spring may just be on her way

We've  had a spell of miserable wet weather but the last few days have seen the cold return along with the sun which I'm glad about, the rain can be refreshing in summer but on cold dark days just seems to intensify the feeling that summer is too far away.
As the days inch their way to becoming longer we've been spending more time outside looking and planning, so many things that need doing for the year ahead.
Tamar Organics catalogue has been poured over and a list made. I've washed down about 75% of the greenhouse glass and cleared out some incredibly spongy moss from the gutters. Only trouble is now I can see inside it properly I can see the old tomato plant I didn't get round to pulling up at the end of last year!
Pots need potting on, seed trays need a wash, ivy needs ripping out, pretty as it is it is somewhat taking over a corner of the greenhouse.
Rhubarb is starting to poke through but our massive snowdrop plant in the hedge is yet to flower, it's ususally out mid December!
Hedges need cutting, barbed wire on the stock fencing can come down, trees need mulching.
Oh and the veg plots desperately need weeding but the soil is so wet from the rain I don't really want to go trampling all over it.
There's a second greenhouse to put up hopefully before the end of April......also like to make a mini polytunnel in one of the veg beds, oh and lots of babies to take off the strawberry plants.
I also need to get some advice about the fruit trees, see if I can actually get fruit from them this year.
I'm exhausted just thinking about the list, I shall however get it all written down to motivate us to crack on with what we can. I am so looking forward to eating fresh tomatoes and digging up spuds for dinner though, nothing like it.

If anyone wants to camp here in the summer in exchange for a bit of weeding and chopping knotweed let me know lol
Strawberry flowers from last April.

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Michelle said...

I will get Tris to have a look at your fruit trees, just remind me as I WILL foregt!