Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sunday, 26 April 2009

A brief respite from the downpours

The rain stopped today but was always in the background. Thought I'd make the most of a dry day and take the dog ad child to run off some energy on the beach.........ah yes that would be the beaches we aren't allowed on for the next few months. Pisses me off every single year, I know it's coming, I always forget.

We ended up on the cliffs up the road, was lovely but brrr cold. This of course did not hamper K's jumping into every puddle he could find. He was most disappointed he couldn't jump in the sea! He had socks and crocs on though, beach wear not wellies. His feet were blocks of ice within 2 minutes.
Pics from last few days.....





Chickns are fed up with the rain and change in temperature, they've gone from fluffing up in dust baths to needing umbrellas and weights to stay earthbound.

There are some sorry looking beetroot seedlings, pounded by driving rain and winds that have rearranged most of the neighbours garden fixtures and fittings.

Come back spring. It was so cold yesterday I even lit the fire!

Beltane is fast approaching and we are 9 degrees colder than last week, could the weather fairies please get back on the job.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

107 108 109

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I have to wait a WEEK to get my duff filling replaced :(

The playhouse is almost finished and is getting lots of use! Our neighbours have children the same age as ours so if the last week is any measure of things to come they will be in and out of each others/houses gardens continuously all day. It's trampoline for 5, playhouse for 5, then trampoline again then run next door, then in her playhouse, then on the bikes, back to the trampoline and the playhouse. They don't seem to stop for breath! Crazy.

I made bread bags for all the lovely bread I am addicted to making..... fold tea towel in half, sew up, make a casing at the top for tie. Tea towels were £1 for 3 and the ties were made out of stuff I already had, I do have an eye for the expensive but I love stuff that's almost free!

Took a few pics with the macro lens this morning but half way through the camera started flipping out telling me the lens wasn't talking to the camera or something, eh? for the amount of money it cost I expect them to be able to converse in at least 10 languages.


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Filling replaced today and it promptly fell out during dinner! Lentil soup and soft bread, hardly toffee and pork scratchings. Too late to book another appointment so will have to try and get another one tomorrow, as 'not fit for purpose' I shan't be paying again!
Playhouse is almost finished and despite the rather too orange 'red cedar' colour it is looking fabulous.
No pictures today it's been a bit hectic but hopefully tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Honestly, I need a bigger bowl.

104/365 The bread dough has been re named 'the blob' if left C is pretty sure it would take over the entire kitchen. In order to be able to cover it with tea towels I need to set up two tall glass jars to hold them up! I think I've found a big enough bowl but I want to see one in real life not just hope it's big enough.....

I also need a replacement filling as while I was eating breakfast (cinnamon rolls from the bread book ~yum~) a filling came out. As yet there is no pain but it must only be a matter of time, I'm hoping the dentist will fit me in tomorrow.

Friday, 17 April 2009



Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sling Meet Day

April's was today, one lady turned up and a simple tweak seemed to make her MT feel much better for her. I really should get some more advertising sorted out for it.
My Freehand MT still hasn't been returned :( I keep hoping it will one day find its way back to me but I am seriously beginning to doubt it ever will.
No pictures today (so far!) I was going to get another sunset one tonight but K fell out of bed and was a little bit confused so had to go rescue him.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009



The Tassajara Bread Book arrived yesterday, I had a quick read of the first recipe, flicked through and was surprised how many different recipes there are in there, it's not just about the bread!
It's a time intensive method but I was willing to try anything, we eat a lot of bread between packed lunches and morning toast and garlic bread and bread with soup......
I would much rather make our own and do in fits and starts but it is never as light and fluffy as shop bread (bakery not the plastic wrapped hideous stuff!). Today was raining and just grim so we weren't going far, today was to be bread day.
I didn't quite follow the recipe (yeah I know buy a recipe book.......) but one of the points in this book is to adapt the basic one. I didn't have any dried milk and used a mix of white and wholemeal flour just because those 2 bags needed using up.
My bowl wasn't big enough to cope with the rising stages, you need a GIANT one for this stuff. The sponge stage stuck to the tea towel.
The oven went out and I only noticed half way through.
BUT it all came together in the end and this is the lightest bread I have ever made. Ever.
It isn't a 'oh crap we've run out of bread' loaf, it takes some commitment and planning but it is so worth it, I'm going to try a sweet one with cinnamon at the weekend :)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


I'm still trying to play catch up......
woods, flowering rhubarb! nature table, graveyard next to work and tonights sunset.........
went to Idless woods for the first time and while K may not need a change of anppy anymore the boy needs a towel and dry clothes if we go anywhere within sniffing distance of water, he was in the river that runs through the bottom of the woods like a rat up a drainpipe, running up and down with the dog, we had to empty his wellies when he finally dragged himself out. Once they had been emptied he said, can I just have one more go very please? lol

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Catching up

Couldn't choose so cheating and having 3 from this afternoon in an effort to try catching up!


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

So busy

seemingly doing not a lot but I feel I don't have enough time....

Everything has to be tackled in 5 minute slots as the boys allow, it's taking some getting used to.

This afternoon I had to get some stuff from Penzance and on the way back to the car I noticed a crane, drove over so K could ooo and ahhh over it and turns out someone was getting their boat back in the water so we sat and watched a while.

then when it was still suspended on the crane the crazy boatmen threw a ladder over to it and climbed over lol

Am annoyed I didn't take pictures when we arrived though as the light was perfect and the sea an inviting, shimmering turquiose.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Time to sew

and this is the result :) 92cm height size. £10 will go in the shop tomorrow. It was lovely sat in the caravan looking at the sea, sewing in relative peace :)
Finally got potatoes in, and despite having thick black plastic covering the freshly weeded veg plot the thistles still managed to grow back, feeble and sickly looking but still fairly large!

Thursday, 2 April 2009


After HE group today we went to the park across the road for a picnic and lots of running around and playing. The weather was perfect and they loved it. K is seemingly fearless when it comes to gigantic slides. It's so hard to take a deep breath and trust that he will only do what he can cope with. So hard because sometimes he trips over thin air, how does that octopus like mass of uncoordinated legs and arms climb up the 20+ft ladder on the back of a slide.
HE group was a talk from Shelterbox ( , really interesting. I think we're going to do some fundraising to get a box (£490 per box), each box has a number and you can track exactly where your box has gone!
And I've gone and 'volunteered' to do a session on upcycling/re-fashioning clothes. There have to be boys and girls options, minimal sewing and simple to do. Cack. i think stencilling may feature heavily! Pillowcase top/dress. X large t-shirt to dress/top, stencilling. Applique is too fiddly. Maybe pillowcase to bag?

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Our lovely 'neigh'bours!
I should be on 91 I think so some catch up needed.

I need some inspiration.