Thursday, 26 February 2009

Finally got the snowdrops

We have a huge clump of snowdrops outisde the gate in the lane and I keep meaning to take a picture or two........ last year they were in flower at Yule, we had to wait a while longer this year. Tried to get pictures from underneath.

Yesterday K wanted me to take pictures of him jumping! Without any pre thought going into it I just took pictures where we were in the front room. I think we'll do this again against a better background so you can actually see the 'jump' better, lots of them had the arm and hair movement but the feet looked as if they were still on the ground........

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Woolly woolliness

New woollies for E, the little pocket has a cute sheep button picked out by K, he spends ages looking at the buttons in the fabric shop. I can leave him there quite happily while I browse the boring wool and fabrics :) His latest acquisitions are tractor buttons, I am informed I need to make him trousers to put them on!
my first felted bowl in Spring colours for the nature table.

The marmalade...

did not make it. It would be of more use to the construction industry than my breakfast table :(
I have more oranges and I am determined to make edible marmalade that toast would appreciate. My first task however is to get the last batch out of the jars.......suggestions welcome!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

A day of marmalade and chocolate cake

The alarm went off this morning so I dutifully struggled out of bed and rushed around like usual. Got to work and got reminded that my Sunday shift had been cancelled, I'm so tired I'm on autopilot lol Doh. Oh well I sped back home and set about turing the kitchen upside down making marmalade, chocolate cake and preparing all the veg for dinner. R4 on, I am becoming more like mum every day!
Anyway the marmalade could be a disaster, I'll find out tomorrow when I have toast, I boiled it too long, added water when I wasn't meant to and messed about with the recipe quantities.....
The chocolate cake however is divine. A fairly plain looking cake but it is just mouth watering. It's one from the green & Blacks Chocolate cook book. I mananged to take a picture before the quality control slice was devoured.


Friday, 20 February 2009

43-47 catch up

47, my Imbolc sunflower seeds which I noticed this morning, and which despite me completely forgetting to water them or stick a bit of extra compost on top have burst forth determined to herald the Spring :)
46 Some spring sun meant putting the nappies to dry in the fresh air for a change! Really difficult to photograph as the sun was so bright, I need to properly learn about exposure.

45 Storm and his friend from across the fields. We were out for a walk and Storm has a secret entrance to their garden through the hedge, if he's about he calls for his friend they sneak out and two balls of madness run around chasing each other, it's utter chaos and you have to watch your legs as they hoon around!



We've done a lot this week but I'm so tired it has all merged into a blur. Monkey Music, coffee with a friend I haven't seen for a while, dentists, K is wanting to learn how to write letters/ words, library and bargain Ecoballs from Aldi, I'm sure there was more but that was our first visit to an Aldi.
Aldi is a very surreal place, it's almost like you've slipped into another dimension just across from this one. The items on the shelves aren't quite right but look really familiar. A big fake supermarket!
Is there such a thing as a silent keyboard, I'm sure my clicking disturbs E which is why I'm not blogging much. His sleep is a bit broken at the moment and there's no obvious cause? and there he goes again, that's 3 times he's woken in the last 2 hours :(

Sunday, 15 February 2009

41 42

Could someone please mention to my 3 year old that it is mid February and generally swimming in big pools of sea water fully clothed is slightly crazy, he did crawl out of one pool though exclaiming that's fun!
41 42

Friday, 13 February 2009

39......40.... Spring is on the way


Spent the afternoon chopping logs, cleaning out the chickens, getting seed trays ready

our seed order is still going to take a couple of weeks, eeek they must be hugely busy.

There was a lot of jumping in muddy puddles and the run off from hosing down the run!


Wednesday, 11 February 2009



Couldn't decide which one I preferred. Like the movement in one but the sunlight in the other...

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Monday, 9 February 2009

catch up 35 36 37



Much gruffalo fun

after he saw the 'photo' he was all about the gruffalo so I went to their website and they have a very funky mask you can print out and colour in.

it didn't even ocur to him that we had fixed the picture, was just in awe that they were all in the picture and wanted to go back and see him today. Such sweet innocence.

Inspired by another blog (I need to remember how to do the swish linky thing).......

Mother Spring, I'm debating giving her as my GP Swap gift and then make another one for our table:) needle felting is very meditative. Actually looking at the photo I may put a couple more flowers on her top.....


Sunday, 8 February 2009

looking for gruffalo footprints

this afternoon.....
and this is what popped up on the camera :)

got to love photoshop lol, K will love this in the morning.

Must play catch up and post my 365 pics tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Still snowing :)

Another snow filled day here. Lots of snowballs, BIG snowmen and squeals of laughter. Some tears when k realised the big snowman would eventually melt!

A beautiful sunset ending the day with picture no 34

Monday, 2 February 2009

SNOW!! 31 32 33/365

Yesterday was Imbolc and E and I went to a beautiful ritual.

Today has been a day of SNOW!! Fabulous, took lots of pictures and threw lots of snowballs. K made his first snowman and spent the afternoon being pulled along on a sledge and just generally having a fabulous time. He says he's going to dream of snow tonight.

33/365 sun setting 2nd Feb