Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sunset and sweet peas

Dragon in the clouds
Sunset from last night and a bunch of sweet peas I picked while out there with the camera. They smell divine.

Boys first festival!

We've spent the last weekend at a local festival. I had a stall and the boys ran free for a weekend!

It was a bit of a shock discovering that a festival with children was not quite the same as festivals pre children !

Also quite shocked at the number of people smoking whilst wearing their children! I can't quite comprehend how people can think it's OK to inflict their smoke on their children.

Because of where we camped the noise was awful, hopefully the next one will be quieter as we will be in the family field where hopefully a stag do will not be camping right next to us and the main stage will be a few fields away!
I got to do a lovely yoga workshop and have found a class which starts after bedtime so I should be able to start going regularly again.

There was a good childrens area and the boys seemed to enjoy it when they weren't being tired and grumpy through lack of sleep.

Can't wait for the next one, we may need to buy a roof rack though.
It only took half an hour to drive home but they were both spark out when we arrived.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Lammas maze at Sennen beach
A lovely day if a little damp!
The chicks are growing fast and will soon need to be re-housed!

This is them this morning, they seem to have adopted the table, we have to put them away when we eat outside or they are worse than the dog at looking for treats.

and another picture of them running where they look like mini dinosaurs.

They are adorable and I am not looking forward to having to get rid of the cockerels, hopefully they will get re-homed.
They try and follow me everywhere even trying to get in the car.