Monday, 29 June 2009

I may be a little sick of strawberries....

but maybe not!
Mazey Day on Saturday was perfect, gorgeous weather, fantastic parades, lovely ice cream, delicious lunch at Archie Browns, saw one of my old pub cutomers as we do every year, it's weird but we see each other for 5 20 mins every Mazey Day and just slip straight back into conversation.
I took about 100 photos, trying to wade through them to pick out the best ones to post on here is a long job!
Sunday we went to a PYO farm Falmouth way and got strawberries and gooseberries, made jam and gooseberry crumble plus froze a load for darker days and ice cream/smoothy making.
Then today was hot and we were in need of a run around so we went to another PYO farm that had animals Trevaskis, it's a lovely little farm with an organic kitchen garden, shop with lovely things in it (I'm thinking I may try to get more veg and stuff from there on a weekly basis, it's only a few more miles and deprives T***o of a few of our ££'s, must try and get the Suma thing off the ground again......) and a restaurant that I think we will have to try soon! Another few kg's of strawberries came home with us but we left the raspberries as it was just getting to hot for the boys. The strawberries are enormous and again so delicious.
We're planning on Roskilly farm as well this week as C is on nights so I like to go out and about :)

Thursday, 25 June 2009

New fabrics

Quite a few autumnal colours, anyone fancy anything? The birds is mostly spoken for and the one below it is a maybe for a cushion cover! Ithink the trees/owls and the stripes/coriander would make fab boys shirts....... red chickens would make a cute dress.......

Quilt pieces

Quilt pieces that I really need to do something with!

Mama bunny

Photo requested by K as he thought she was feeling a bit missed out in the photo's that were being taken yesterday. Light's not right but I kind of like it anyway :)
New fabrics arrived a couple of days ago, all very Autumnal though so not sure if I should start making stuff out of them yet, it feels wrong in the glorious weather we have been having.

New Shoooooooes!!

So the Soft Star shoes arrived and I LOVE them! I want some for me :)

And the boy who is growing up way too fast loves them as well, he shrieks with delight at his shoes and did a little shoe dance when he had them on his feet. I'm adding another picture because they are never going to be this sparkly clean again so I'm capturing the moment!

Cupcake/purple top

The reason for me being on the PC actually on my own this afternoon is so that I can get this on the shop, not meant to be blogging but if I post this then it doesn't count yes?

12-18 mth size ish. Tie shoulder A line top. Patchwork cupcake fabric and a dark purple. The back is in 2 halves (vertically) while the front is 1/4's, the tie has both fabrics on it so each shoulder is different.

Linky under handcrafted items section, won't let me post a direct link for some reason , meh, computers.

Summer Swap

Part of our beautiful package of goodies for the season swap!
We also had some lovely hand made paper, pretty butterfly confetti and two Brambly hedge books!
Thank you so much Mama4 :)

The area where we normally have things is a disaster zone at the moment as Edan can reach everything and doesn't understand gentle play. The gnomes have been destuffed, the sun has been dismantled, flowers have been eaten and , well the list is pretty endless.

K found a dead bee and picked a rose the other day, these have had to be moved up onto the mirror for the time being!

Solar paper was fun and we have loads left so will keep looking for interesting shaped leaves so we can do some more.
For some weird reason the solar paper pic has appeared twice (sorted) and I can't move the thing! Who knows, this computer is a law unto itself most of the time.

Monday, 22 June 2009


When the boys are older I'd like to take them for sunrise at Stonehenge but after the total mess that was left this year I'm not sure I can, how do you explain to your children that you want to celebrate/honour the earth but you'll be doing it with a group of people that treat an ancient monument as a rubbish tip!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Time trickles away

I've been stressing about getting all the photos I've done over the last few weeks up on here, problem solved, I'm not even going to attempt it! Relief.

The 365 day challenge has pretty much evaporated I just can't take an interesting picture every single day. My days are essentially very samey and in truth a little boring. While pictures of the boys or what we are doing could easily be done every day they aren't very challenging and they don't really push me enough in trying to learn new things with the lovely camera. So I will just try and do some when I can. Might try particiapting on a couple of weekly photo challenges I know run on certain forums.

I've also been trying to learn how to spin on a wheel someone lent me. Loving it but finding it hard to put the time in. I want to do so many things, they all get an odd 10 minutes here and there. Destined to be a jack of all trades and master of none I think.

Woolies for GP LETS

Another rush job (with the pics) totally wrong lens but it will have to do!