Monday, 15 December 2008

Yule cards

I think we've out glittered most craft shops and we've finally got enough Yule cards.
Every single thing in the cottage is covered in at least one speck of glitter from rooms we haven't been into, books at the back of the shelf, all victims of the glitter fairy lol.
He took some persuading but we stuck with a tree/star/sun theme, his first choices were clowns and cars!

RIP Beep 2

Mr Fox killed one of the girls yesterday, very sad. Although intially all 3 were missing and I was really very sad. I only found one handful of black feathers though so logically I guessed the other two had hidden and were waiting until they thought it was safe. I walked round the fields, loked under the caravan/cars, everywhere calling them, even open and shut the big garage doors a few times which is normally a surefire way of getting their attention as doors opening mean corn and an explore around the cavernous workshop! C then went for a walk to see if he could spot them, nothing. C told K the fox had taken them and in that explanation new baby chicks got mentioned !
Went out to get some logs, opened the door, had my back to the door picking logs to chop and I heard chickens chatting to me! The two had gone to ground somewhere and only came home a few hours later, they must have been petrified :( Not something I would usually wish on another animal but that damn fox familiy has had so many of our chickens I wish them all short lives.

Anyway Rargh and Beep 1 live on for now but I feel it is on borrowed time.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Season/nature table so far

Still some bits of autumn hanging on in the form of teasel hedgehogs hibernating in the gorgeous felt bowl!

The sun can come back on at Solstice, for now we have a felted tree with raindrops on it and some weird felted balls and some rose quartz has ended up there as well. There are a few catkins as well but I keep finding them all over the place!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Busy doing nothing

Had a busy week doing nothing I can really remember! Trebah Gardens again for HE group but I hadn't booked the lantern making as I thought K would get bored after a few minutes. No one else really there so we didn't hang around long but got a lovely book from the gift shop while we were there. Never have too many books can you?!
Friday found K with a raging temperature and then Sat' afternoon E joined him. C has had it all week as well, I hate them being ill but when there are 3 lots of man flu to contend with I just want to escape for a while, so I swung the axe about and chopped logs.
Finally started putting the wood protector on the gate yesterday but it wasn't quite dry in a few spots before the condensation of the night began so some spots will have to be done again. Trouble is it's winter and all these sorts of jobs are really late summer ones, oh well. Table and benches all oiled as well. My list of winter jobs is growing, we should really dig over and manure the veg plot we had the fire on, I want at least one of them ready to use next year. Part of the scaff plank has rotted away but I reckon it'll be fine with a quick repair job, I'm hoping the weeds aren't holding all the scaff planks together!

The leaves on the pear tree are growing bigger, soft ears of green braving the winter. The strawberry leaves are finally turning autumnal, the decadence of being in the greenhouse means they carry on for quite a while!

My season table swop is yet to arrive but my recipient liked hers, phew :)

Woolies for GPLETS finished as well.

I can't believe I got 10 minutes peace to type this up, fingers crossed the boys are better tomorrow.