Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Beach today

and he LOVES it, there was a rip tide developing so we didn''t stay long but long enough to get drenched and have an ice cream. He was soaked and shivering but kept wanting to wait for the next wave then the next one. I think a wetsuit and surfboard may be needed once he can swim well enough.

Sunday, 20 July 2008


We've been debating getting one, discussing which size would be best and where it could and couldn't go. C has done a week of 12hour shifts and suggested we could use some of that money for a trampoline. I hadn't really looked into it anymore and then at B&Q today while I was buying some sisal to make a beehive :) (for the season table) they had some on sale. £58 for an 8ft one with a safety enclosure, done deal! We will get a bigger one for the field in a few years time when both of them are older.

Edan is starting to roll himself over, he can pivot 360* around very succesfully and with a nudge can go from back to front but he can go from front to back all by himself looking very pleased with himself as he does it!

Butterflies! Might do the beehive and bees sometime this week but the weather is meant to be sunny all week so maybe not!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Catch Up

Haven't posted for ages, the computer has been slowly departing so time spent on it has been essential use only!

Mazey day was fun but we missed the main parade stuck in traffic, that's the last time i am chilled out about what time to leave, there is a reason we are meant to go early!

Been having fun making stuff for the DIY fairy game, won't post pics though as that would give the game away if someone was looking!
Greenhouse stuff is doing really well but the damp weather has meant the weeds have got a hold in the plot but most of the squashes are doing well along with one wigwam of runner beans. I can't wait until those tomatoes turn sweet and red.
K really enjoyed Stithians show but i forgot the camera so no pictures. He fell in love with the goats and made it his mission to stretch into every pen to stroke every single one, he also climbed up to the top of the llamas pen. I think we need to add climbing frame to the garden toys wishlist.
Reading One to One home ed book and it is fascinating all makes such sense.
Slingmeet group starts at the new venue on Thursday, wondering whether to start a blog/site specifically for it as a point of contact for people.