Saturday, 22 January 2011

Reply to comments?

Is there a simple way to reply to comments? If there is I can't find it so I'm not being rude I just can't  'talk' directly to you! I'm sure I've seen replies on other blogs maybe this is the wrong platform ?
Claire - no telescope but I do have a Canon 450D and that was taken with a simple 70-300mm zoom lens and then I zoomed in and cropped on photoshop (no other photoshop adjustments :) ) plus I had borrowed a tripod from a friend which means the camera shake from pressing the button which will easily blur something as far away as the moon was eliminated.
You can use a telescope and a point and shoot camera to get some great night sky shots, I'm now waiting for the moon wane a bit with a clear sky so i can get some star shots :)

and thanks to all for the concern over my somewhat cryptic post about the moon affecting me, I'm OK just struggling a bit with the immense amount of stuff I put on myself plus having a wibble over whether home ed is right for everyone. I'm not very good at living in the present moment, a skill I very much admire in my children!
Green shoots of coriander sprouting last April


Dawn said...

I always just post it as a comment when I want to reply to them. Hope this helps x
Would love to take such lovely shots of the moon x

Carolyn said...

Hi there! Yes, replying to comments is just a matter of posting a comment yourself xx
Just found your blog through Handmade Haven...thought I should say a quick hello!!!
Our Home Ed Journey has just taken a side step. Not sure if I am happy about it or not yet, but I think maybe a necessary one for the moment.
Time for a re-think on my blog and maybe in my own life too. I'm very interested in the moon's cycle affecting us...any sites you might reccommend me to look at?