Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Horrid smell

of elderflower cordial brewing, how can something that smells so eeew taste so delicious!

I'm also having problems commenting on other blogs? Blogger repeatedly asks me to sign in despite name/passwords being OK, anyone have any ideas?

Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank Holiday Mondays in Cornwall.........

are 9 times out of 10 like this!
View from the kitchen window this morning, you can normally see St Agnes head from there. Granted it's cleared up a bit this afternoon but every BH has been like this for ages! Oh well back to work.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Garden news

A while ago I listed an emormous number of jobs that needed doing, the list is getting smaller and here is greenhouse no2 :)

Spuds are growing well as are the weeds!

The boys have found a piece of wasteland that trials bikes use so they go and ride on it with their bikes pretending they have trials bikes. It's been really windy here and the other day they found a perfect nest that had blown down from a tree, we think it's blackbird as there are tiny fragments of blue shell in the bottom.

Catch up

We went to Eden for the Shaun the Sheep event and they had great fun pretending to be sheep, wellie throwing and cabbage kicking!

Edan thoughtfully considering the plight of the wellies being thrown at the farmers head.....maybe!

OK we're done just take the picture and get on with it.

I did the unthinkable and made a Barbie dress for a friends birthday gift! Fiddly fiddly things!
Busted with a liberated Hot X Bun!

The first asparagus of the season, never eaten it much before but loved it in dippy eggs and in risotto.

Boys and bluebells in the local woods

Our Beltane Beech Goddess
Aprils Full Moon is a little purplefied
Some lovely squishy fibre to spin and try some nuno felting with.
Small boy happiest in water preferably painted.

Other not so small boy happiest on a horse or riding his bike. We thought the pony was a bit on the fat side.........................
turns out she was carrying a mule, he is so very cute.

Playground shirt (pattern free on Ravelry) for K, knitted in a cotton yarn.

I have ben lovely and busy enjoying sewing scrumptious clothes, almost ready to take the leap and leave the other job.

EDIT - then there's the tale of the car, leaking fuel as much as we were burning, very grateful no one tossed a cigarette butt under the car as apparently we would have gone BANG! then the MOT took ages now at last we have it back with an MOT (but 2 tyres that need replacing asap). Oh how I missed the car, round here as soon as you are without one you are pretty much a social pariah, we couldn't get to swimming, home ed groups, couldn't go and see anyone (the boys requested we walk to St Agnes and the swimming pool lol) , the usual small stuff suddenly becomes big!

Wow long time no blog!

I have moved more to my new laptop and my blog page is saved on the other computer, been so busy with work, meh will be back later to do a little update