Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Looking ahead

Got talking about going camping this year and HES FES was mentioned, I would like to go but just looked it up and it’s 380 miles away. we had trouble entertaining the children for the journey to Beautiful Days last year! The AA route planner says 6 ½ hours ish, eeek not sure how we could manage that!
Beautiful Days I’d like to go again this year…… despite having distinct memories of my mini meltdown and stating I was never ever EVER going to a festival with my ‘delightful’ children ever again lol
Also The Artemis Gathering http://www.witchfest.net/artemis_gathering.htm could be interesting.
Not going to do Holifair this year unless the weather is good on the Sunday when we could just pop over for the day maybe.
Would also love to go to the Mercian Gathering (280 miles) but not many tickets left and no dogs allowed, I think I’d really like to go to this one on my own as well.
Maybe something non organised on Dartmoor or North Cornwall plus I'd like to go over to the Med to see friends (and for the warmth early/late summer but we'd have to get 3 new passports which would be £180!

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Joxy said...

I'm gonna go to Mercian; I'll get tickets bought in the next week or so.. (fingers crossed some left)

I've never been to the Artemis one..hmmm, might see about it.

Hey so perhaps see you at one of those :-)

I think I am going to the GP camp too and I think this year I will go the "Not Glastonbury Festival" with some friends. Oooh, and I'm going to Scotland for Beltane..woohoo!

Determined, absolutely determined to get out and do a bit more this year! :-)