Sunday, 30 May 2010


K's current thing is mazes, needs lots of dead ends, roundabouts and a clear entry and exit point. Bridgesa and tunnels are a bonus!
Day 5, look at those cute white fluffy bums!

This one has developed his/her own pair of trousers :)

Teeny tiny feathers appearing

I cleaned out the coop today and there is an escape artist in their midst, although he/she had a little panic when they realised they weren't that close to mama anymore.

Friday, 28 May 2010

2 days old

The 7 eggs that were left all hatched successfully, they are so very cute.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Postcard Swap

Being involved in the swap seemed like the perfect time to get a big map of the world to put up on the wall and put up the postcards where they came from.

The map is enormous and the only place I can fit it is in the hallway.

So far we've had a card from Australia, 2 from the Marshall Islands and one from our friends who live 2 miles up the road in our nearest town, it took 2 weeks and 5 days to arrive lol

Should anyone we know be going abroad I think I'll ask them for a postcard to add to the map.
So far it has facilitated discussions on time zones, distance, where penguins live and flags.

Catching up again

We had the most amazing clouds this morning Some kind of daisy flower picked (read stolen!) for me by Edan
Our first strawberry of the year, it was so juicy and delicious even shared between 3 of us!

The eggs are starting to hatch! No1 died but there is definately 1 live one seen today and I rummaged out 4 sets of shells from under her belly. As the magpies are stealing eggs at the moment I was worried they'd get the chicks so the neighbours have kindly lent us a broody coop (we burnt ours because of a red mite infestation a few years back)

Looking through the camera there are some other pics I've forgotten to download so things may go out of sequence!

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Maypole dancing! We had a fabulous time for May Day this year. On the Saturday we did lots of maypole dancing and eating of cake! On the Sunday it was the Beltane ritual for the moot which was held at a beautiful location but I was so busy (roped in to lead the spiral dance!) my camera languished in the bag unfortunately. There was drumming and dancing and Penglaz made a flying visit. The blubells are carpeting Tehidy woods at the moment, it's beautiful and they provide ample opportunity for some hide and seek games.
The latest obsession for the boys are a box of metal matchbox/similar cars that my mum retrieved from her attic that used to belong to my brother. Quite a few are broken, wheels missing/doors off etc but they LOVE them! They love getting a plank of wood and making ramps to run them down, the latest creation is in the field made from old bales of hay from the archery target and some rough old peices of wood that were packing from the new printer at C's work I'm sure there's a length of drainage pipe running off it somewhere as well. This provided hours of play but the little boy (4) who is the nephew of the horsey people in the next door field came over said 'where are the toys? What can we play with?! 'There's nothing to do here, haven't you got any proper toys we can play with' He didn't stay long!

I'm decorating up a couple of big wooden boxes that we had from C's new printer at work, one will have carrots and short crop lettuce in the other I'm not sure yet.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


From this..... to this

May Day dancing

Beautiful bluebells in the woods this afternoon

Playing peek a boo behind a leaf

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Postcard Swap

Yay our addresses have come through for the postcard swap. Couple in the US, a UK, an Australia one and the Marshall Islands :) lots of project potential there.