Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 in twelve pictures

January February - Edan supervising digging March (way too many lovely pictures to choose from there were lots of beach visits and birthdays and beautiful magnolias!)
May (the first strawberry of the year nearly got this slot)
June July - a little bumble bee colony took up residence in our hedge! August was the month of festivals and here is the stroppy teenager pose being perfected by a 4 year old, a sign of things to come?! September brought an injured paw and large vets bills meaning no new cooker! October - Two of our cats died and despite saying I would not get a kitten they seemed to appear from all directions and this little one came to live with us. November saw Kailen's 5th birthday

December - lots of sledging fun

Thursday, 16 December 2010


We had one of the home ed groups xmas parties today, I did face painting, K originally had a pretty uninspiring request for a pirate, on the way home he decides he wants to be a t-rex so I re did it and I did one that uses the mouth as the dinos mouth not perfect but OK for a first attempt, I have a feeling it will be requested again.
We then had to clean it all off to go to swimming lessons :)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Festively pimped gnome house!

Last night instead of doing the 500 things on my official to do list I decided to make a Yule tree and garland for the gnome house!

Kailen was delighted this morning when he noticed them, then this afternoon he made another garland and I made some glittery snowflakes for the roof :)

After I'd taken the photos I noticed the 2 gnomes sat at the kitchen table with the acorn cup, not quite sure what they had in there that was so strong to make them fall off their chairs lol
I think this goes some way to making up for the fact that we don't bring our Yule tree in until next weekend. He's seen friends houses decked out and is feeling most left out!
Spent Sunday afternoon at the wildlife trust doing a workshop on willow wreaths, they look so lovely no photo on the camera yet though.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

My word it's been a long time

2 cats died and little kitten came to us, he's cute as a button until he turns into psycho cat.

My time is always being eaten up by things so a quick round up of photos. PLus when ever i think of something I'd like to write a wordy post on I never seem able to get to the PC and the moment goes, maybe I should jot it down on pen and paper and develop it from there!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Photo catch up

Edan has discovered he can do roly polys and does them everywhere.
New shoes! Gorgeous soft soled Livie and Luca shoes (from

He insisted on wearing them to bed
Some of the chicks getting comfy on the windowsill to watch me typing on the keyboard??!

Apparently there were blackberries in the jug before he got back to the house....

Pics for Gp post

Sunday, 5 September 2010

An amazing giveaway

over at Rhythm of the Home. and their Autumn edition of the magazine is out now
An inspirational site.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

A busy day

I've got a stall at Apple Day at Kehelland in October plus there's the Winter Mama Spectacular over on Mama Packs, lots of goodies for Samhain/Halloween/Yule/Christmas gifting :)

Project bags, crayon rolls, present bags, Samhain/Halloween bunting!, tops, dresses, skirts, t-shirts......... all being snipped and sewn over the next few weeks. Any requests let me know :)

Friday, 3 September 2010

Beautiful Days

was fabulous, Sunday night was torrential and Monday morning was drizzly as we were packing up. Newton Faulkner was good as were NMA of course, Hobo Jones and Seth Lakeman was fab. The firework display at the end was spectacular!

Few pics here, lots more on FB.

Unfortunately we came back to a sickly cat who ended up being put to sleep and then another cat died a couple of days ago, just found her dead in the garage, very odd.

Planning has begun for the home ed group re-starting, hopefully we've thought of lots of good things for them to do.

MP KAL Coquille turned out OK in the end (after running out of wool and an emergency ISO on Ravelry!)

Soft Stars need re-homing!!

Edans winter boots are too small so need a new home :(
These were $77 (approx £50) from SS and are black leather with black suede/sheepskin upper. Can be worn up or down.
Soft Star size 7 regular. (they have a size guide to print out on website)
Hardly worn.
£30 inc postage to UK

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sunset and sweet peas

Dragon in the clouds
Sunset from last night and a bunch of sweet peas I picked while out there with the camera. They smell divine.

Boys first festival!

We've spent the last weekend at a local festival. I had a stall and the boys ran free for a weekend!

It was a bit of a shock discovering that a festival with children was not quite the same as festivals pre children !

Also quite shocked at the number of people smoking whilst wearing their children! I can't quite comprehend how people can think it's OK to inflict their smoke on their children.

Because of where we camped the noise was awful, hopefully the next one will be quieter as we will be in the family field where hopefully a stag do will not be camping right next to us and the main stage will be a few fields away!
I got to do a lovely yoga workshop and have found a class which starts after bedtime so I should be able to start going regularly again.

There was a good childrens area and the boys seemed to enjoy it when they weren't being tired and grumpy through lack of sleep.

Can't wait for the next one, we may need to buy a roof rack though.
It only took half an hour to drive home but they were both spark out when we arrived.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Lammas maze at Sennen beach
A lovely day if a little damp!
The chicks are growing fast and will soon need to be re-housed!

This is them this morning, they seem to have adopted the table, we have to put them away when we eat outside or they are worse than the dog at looking for treats.

and another picture of them running where they look like mini dinosaurs.

They are adorable and I am not looking forward to having to get rid of the cockerels, hopefully they will get re-homed.
They try and follow me everywhere even trying to get in the car.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

We have been busy!

Scrummy Babylonglegs wool for the Knitty KAL
Beautiful Days tickets have landed!
Carl finally has an archy doodah! Covered here while he attacks the knotweed for the millionth time this year but he has been playing with bows and arrows lots.

We have a bee colony in our hedge, fascinating white tailed bumble bees I could watch them buzz about all day!

Our new tent :) (The other one a Vango Diablo is up for sale if anyone is interested)

Radio Flyer wagon for fun and festivals! The boys LOVE this.


Thousands of beautiful purple jelly fish washed up on the beach.

Toad hiding in the play straw bales.

We went to see a lovely beekeeper with one of the home ed groups, we had to tie the clothes on in some very strange ways so the little ones could get up close to the bees!

Loving the sea.

We got married at Solstice. Hopefully next year we will have a handfasting and big party.

Balancing in the woods :)

Chicks at 4 weeks old, mama got taken by the fox along with Autumn and a chick but we still have 6 chicks left and they are getting big, must take pictures of them soon.