Sunday, 4 December 2011

We have new kittens

Our home was most definately missing something not having resident cats so when these were found abandoned on a busy road I knew they had to come and live with us :) They were poorly with runny eyes and sneezing drippy noses. They have in the last week and a half put on some weight and the eye goop is gone and the noses are clearing up. Not sure of names currently, they are trying on Mab (Mabon approximately when they would have been born) and Luna (craziest one)

Catch up picture of our Samhain pumpkins.

We've also rescued a couple more chickens who needed a new home they are Pumpkin and Ghost

and we just rescued an unused chicken house this weekend, needs a few repairs but will be much better than the current house.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dinosaur KAL

On a forum I'm on we are doing this as  Knit A Long, I am using the softest squidgy BFL and merino and I need to dye it up over the weekend/next week  hopefully, http://www.woollywumpkins/ has some wool especially for this KAL or you can use your own. Anyone fancy joining in? (or has anyone I know made it already and have any tips?!)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Catch up in pictures what we did over the summer

No budget for festivals or fancy holidays but we did manage a couple of days in Dartmouth for a friends handfasting, we had a lovely time.

Kings Troop

Joust at Pendennis

Squash Box @ Minack

Greebo, no longer with us, just vanished. Tam also died yesterday. We now have Elf who passes through here once in a while but no resident cats :(

Full Moon in September

Truck hitched up to ancient mower, they loved it.

One of Petunias piglets

Buzzard mid call, they are supposed to be solitary animals only coming togetehr to breed but we regularly see 2 or 3 together and 3 times this year have seen 6 flying together.
Mammoth granny stripes, big enough to warm a mammoth, ripples have now been started.

Saturday, 30 July 2011


"Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny."

By Gandhi

I came across this elsewhere so quickly popping it on here for my benefit but hopefully it will resonate with others.

Saturday, 23 July 2011


 So today I had an unexpected chance to go to the Guilds Saturday meet. I never realised they had added a Saturday meet up so have been missing out for months! Obviously I can't do the weekday one as I have the boys and they would be to a room full of spinning wheels what the four horsemen are to the apocolypse. So at long last no children and no other to do list jobs to get in the way as I was no where near any of them. The Babylonglegs Rainbow Falkland that has been languishing on bobbins finally got a ply with some black merino, well one did at least. Not perfect by a long shot but I kind of like the rustic vibe. One of the ladies who runs it went through everything with the Learners corner and gave me some good pointers. Also found out I can hire a drum carder when I become a member but no meetings now til Spetember as they miss August out. I shall just have to get all the fleece washed and ready for an Autumn of carding.
I think this may become a winter scarf.......

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Sunset this evening providing a much needed lift to the spirits.

Lava lamp fun - well it is fun until they start fighting over who still has the most alka seltzers and 'he's got two more than me' whine whine whine. The unfairness of life certainly rears it's head early for the average 5 year old.

Water, food colouring, oil and alka seltzers broken into quarters. Ones stamped on by stroppy 3 year olds also work you'll be pleased to know.
Forest School today as well, Kailen doesn't seem to be that bothered by it and wandered off a few times, teachers not happy about that but really these are home ed children with no concept of sit still and pay attention plus they are boys in the woods. I think he *should* sit and participate but he wants to wander, I did say if he didn't want to go and try and focus on what they were offering we could give the place up to someone else but he was adamant he wanted to go again, we'll see how next week goes I guess.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Granny stripe progress

Finding it a bit tedious now to be honest but am looking forward to it being completed. The colours are reminding me of rows of shelves in old fashioned sweet shop with all the jars.
It is very toasty on the lap while working on it. At a guess I'd say I've done a 3rd of the length I want to.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Camborne show was rain on and off but we headed off anyway......there were birds of prey  (not flying because of the weather)

Lots of tractors which the boys enjoyed climbing on and pretend driving.

Hand wound fairground rides

Sheep and spinning

BIG tyres

and then in the evening I went to perform with Boekka @ a handfasting in Carn Glaze
 Caverns, no pics of me obviously but Swamp Circus were there with fire, we managed to catch the 2nd half of their set and I quickly took a few pics.

Cottage smells of

Danish oil, yum!

I picked up a slab of 800 year old yew on Saturday to use as a cutting board, beautiful warm wood.

Then we had a visit from someone who keeps horses next to us, a tree had blown down and blocked her entrance to the field and stables could we take the chainsaw up and move it......C would never turn down a chance to play with a chainsaw so off they went and came back with this little lot

A large pile of hawthorn for next years fire. Talking of fire ours is lit this'd never believe it was the height of summer.

Oops posted on wrong blog!

So the last posts were posted on the sling meet blog not my personal one.
Why is it when you are in a rush things go wrong!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

July's Full Moon

At last a full moon I can actually see! not a blurry haze or an utterly non visible one as the last few months have been.
In other news I've broken a toe which subsequently means weeding the garden is pretty much impossible and the weeds have taken over big style but we are still getting spuds, beetroot and courgettes a plenty.
Tomatoes are trying to redden, to be honest I thought it would never happen this year.
Things I would like to write upon but for time, how people view/treat dogs, smoking around children, landshare, estate agents and many more irritations! Luckily I have to go out in 2 minutes so you are all spared.
Crochet granny stripes coming along.....
Lots of vests being made for ye olde shoppe
and a gorgeous Craft Fairy gift :)

Trying to upload stock to Wow Thankyou but only got 3 items up so far...
Not enough hours in the week as usual but enjoying the sewing and my new scrummy Grinch fabric is awaiting my scissors.......

Monday, 11 July 2011

Field Kitchen

I saw a blog this morning, the name escapes me, but she had set up an outdoor kitchen for her children so this morning we had to wait in for UPS and they always want to cook or make potions and I'm not dreadfully keen on mud pies old cobweb covered camping table, an ikea bedside table (we have 4 of these I think lying around lol), few bits from the kitchen, mint, mud, comfrey flowers, grass, washing up bowl from an an old sweet tub ........and we have had a bakers and a cafe this morning. This can stay for a while I think :)
The chickens were very interested in it all and I think ate some things they possibly shouldn't have!

New fabric :) love the smell of new fabric! The Dr Seuss looks fab.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Osaka Hoppediz wrap FS

Osaka Hoppediz wrap FS. Maxi. 5.3m*72cm. £50.

Greebo turning my wool drying doodah into a cat hammock on a rare sunny day!