Saturday, 29 January 2011

More gardening

So the massive list of ‘outdoor’ things to do was slid across the table with a caveat of ‘this is not a full and final list ….’ C read through it and his eyes got wider and wider.

‘2nd greenhouse up by April’

‘Dig out septic tank run off asap’

‘Clear BOTH veg beds in full ’(we’ve only used parts of them for the last couple of years so they are fairly weed infested)

He grew quieter as the enormity of the 30 odd task(s) dawned on him, but I think we have made a good start in just a week.

I’ve butchered pruned the big corner fuchsia.

The hedge that the kitchen window looks over has been butchered pruned right down so we can see all the way over to the sea.

Green house washing is almost complete, the gutters are cleaned.

I’m sure there are a couple of other jobs done as well but they would be small enough not to be remembered.

And today Carl and S did the first clear up of the first veg plot, the whole thing. Could not believe it, they worked all afternoon and just as twilight started to hurry towards darkness they finished. The children and mums enjoyed each other’s company all day. Perfect.

Lunar organics calendar is on the way and I shall order seeds tomorrow. Hopefully it will be dry for next week so the momentum can build not get washed away in the rain.

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Dawn said...

Great plan, happy times outdoors. Just working out what we need to get done - greenhouse clearing/cleaning is top priority here.