Monday, 3 January 2011

Moot musings

I miss my old moot, it had faults but it was alive, vibrant and people wanted to discuss things. Admittedly it took some organising but there were lots of people who wanted to participate

Down here there is one about half an hour ish away and while I get to as many of the open rituals as I can I rarely make the actual moot so no relationship is built up with that group of people beyond the superficial, a shame as some lovely people there.

The one nearer to me is just not 'me', I don't really gel with anyone there and as I get to go out so infrequently I don't stand much chance of developing friendships with the couple of people I did get on with the last time I got out there.

The online pagan community doesn't seem to have the life in it it used to either, the last time I flew by it was full of 'does anyone have a spell for money/love/whatever' and more experienced pagans being quite superior trying to get one over on each other/newbies.

I miss my old moot, good friends some sparky conversations and support.
Not really sure how to move forward with this.

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Joxy said...

I hear you. I pass by UKP a forum I use to frequent a lot, and its very much like that too.

Is there a few friends locally with whom you can meet up regularly? Myself and few friends have decided to start up our mutual teaching circle again. We are all on slightly different paths, so its more about sharing our experiences and experimenting, discussing and having fun.

Perhaps you could do something similar? I know what you mean tho, the pagan community can be very hit and miss cant it - particularly online. I find too that while most say they honour the land and what not.. most still do things that are not very earth friendly.

And the behaviour of some around sacred sites takes my breath away and wow I get annoyed.

But anyway - you might mind suggesting coffee and having a go at something new - perhaps a new way to cast a circle, or have a go at making a charm bag or somethign that is suitable for the upcoming festival etc.. and you might get a few along and start building relationships.... if you can't get to the mountain.... ;-)