Sunday, 25 September 2011

Catch up in pictures what we did over the summer

No budget for festivals or fancy holidays but we did manage a couple of days in Dartmouth for a friends handfasting, we had a lovely time.

Kings Troop

Joust at Pendennis

Squash Box @ Minack

Greebo, no longer with us, just vanished. Tam also died yesterday. We now have Elf who passes through here once in a while but no resident cats :(

Full Moon in September

Truck hitched up to ancient mower, they loved it.

One of Petunias piglets

Buzzard mid call, they are supposed to be solitary animals only coming togetehr to breed but we regularly see 2 or 3 together and 3 times this year have seen 6 flying together.
Mammoth granny stripes, big enough to warm a mammoth, ripples have now been started.