Thursday, 28 January 2010

Beach fishies

Dog and smalls in dire need of a blast of fresh air and a walk this afternoon, went down to the beach it started to rain just as we turned out of the lane so we sang rain rain go away all the way and lo and behold it stopped, although it was lurking out to sea awaiting our departure from the beach.

A couple of marroned fishies swimming in the sand, they lay on the sand and rolled around for ages it was minus freezing and the wind was bitter but they just don't seem bothered by it, me I was dreaming of a cup of tea in the warm and hoping to snap the perfect wave. I t was not to be, every spectacular one happened just as I was looking towards or back from the boys. It was almost high tide and while we had the beach to ourselves the tides round here are funny and you can loose 30' of beach in one wave.

Not the biggest wave but I like the pic.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Do we do enough?

Sometimes I worry that I'll fail at providing a good enough HE for the boys. Today I thought I'd keep a note of what we did......

Watched someone I 'know' from a forum/blogland on breakfast TV which led to the question but mama how can real life people be IN the TV? This led to how TV's work.
We've read maybe 10 books, Kailen's 'read' (memorized) Edan's favourite book to him.
Listened to some story CD's.
Done some maths counting hairbands (we bought a huge bag yesterday) grouping them into colours and adding different sets together.
Made lunch together.
Discussed local govermnment rubbish/recycling collection and parking tickets and what a fine is.
Went to the bank to pay in a cheque, he found the comfiest chair and promptly sat in it and said mama come get me when you're done lol Bought some elastic for sewing and a new button to add to his collection, he tried to scam me for the £8 change!
Play doh session.
Made two birthday cards lots of glueing drawing and writing.
Played with the lovely triangular blocks puzzle building triangles out of triangles.
Walked the dog and played some weird role play fantasy game, it wasn't The Faraway Tree which is the usual choice but I can't remember what it was, bad mama!
He also squeezed in 45 minutes of play with his friend next door.
(plus the tedious housework end of things too boring to go into!)

I guess we do do a lot some days and others we just muddle through.

The elastic is for these :) soon to be added as a stock item to the shop, lots cut out waiting for Sunday when I can sew again.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wanted Season Swap Partner

We have participated in and organised the Season Table Swap on the GP forum but unfortunately we keep being let down and nothing turns up, this is the 3rd time and I don't believe the fault lies with RM ;) I've decided not to particiapte in the next forum swap this time round because of this.
Is anyone interested in doing a swap that will definately send something to put a smile on my 4 year olds face ?! He loves helping me make the gifts and the ritual of parcelling them up and taking them to the PO then when nothing arrives for his table he is heartbroken.
Anyway if you want a swap partner let me know :)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Wind Wands

K came home today with a wind wand, brilliant I thought how lovely, perfect for windy Cornwall.

Ahh perfect thought child 2 I will pretend I am admiring siblings handiwork and seize myself a weapon. I had to stop the car and get it off them before it either caused GBH or took a window out.

When we got home more fighting ensued so we made another one, not sure if it was a wise idea as then there were 2 'weapons' but there was 5 minutes of gentle playing with them.

Not very 'green'

I saw this

given a good review in a blog I read and thought ahh perfect for going up on the wall alongside the lunar planting doodah. Found it in stock at an Eco Store.....

it arrived in a non degradable poly bag and wrapped in loads of plastic! Crazy.

If anyone knows where I can get purple degradable poly bags let me know!

Friday, 8 January 2010


I've seen one flying over the field since we moved here.
For the last few months Edan has been obsessed with owls and since then I've heard one calling out quite a few times.
Today we followed rabbit prints and fox prints, not sure if there was a grisly end or not!
There are photos from the last few days but our snow is not quite as impressive as some I've seen, I'll try get them off the card over the weekend.