Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wanted Season Swap Partner

We have participated in and organised the Season Table Swap on the GP forum but unfortunately we keep being let down and nothing turns up, this is the 3rd time and I don't believe the fault lies with RM ;) I've decided not to particiapte in the next forum swap this time round because of this.
Is anyone interested in doing a swap that will definately send something to put a smile on my 4 year olds face ?! He loves helping me make the gifts and the ritual of parcelling them up and taking them to the PO then when nothing arrives for his table he is heartbroken.
Anyway if you want a swap partner let me know :)


shell said...

I'll do it with you. This is the reason I didn't participate in the winter swap, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed this time.

Joxy said...

Ohhhh I've never had a problem with the season swap. OH that is awful that you've not received the swaps. :-(

I will do you guys something too - make up for past disappointments!

Dawn said...

I've been thinking of you and the others whe didn't receive anything. I'm not sure about signing up this time either, I think it maybe needs to be limited to members of certain duration - I remember seeing some names signing up that I haven't seen posting on the forum often.

Looks like you've had a couple of offers otherwise I'd be happy to do a little season swap with you too.

Michelle said...

Our winter swap didn't turn up and no one messaged me to either say they hadn't been able to do it (I understand things happen) or that they'd posted it, so we were a bit disappointed.

I was also volunteering for the swap but as you've previously had my stuff, you might want to go with someone with more talent lol

Liz said...

Thanks for all the offers :0
and yes Dawn I think there should be some sort of minimum post/membership thing, I did suggest it when we first started this but everyone was so confident of everyone else, I think they thought I was a little paranoid! ;)