Thursday, 28 January 2010

Beach fishies

Dog and smalls in dire need of a blast of fresh air and a walk this afternoon, went down to the beach it started to rain just as we turned out of the lane so we sang rain rain go away all the way and lo and behold it stopped, although it was lurking out to sea awaiting our departure from the beach.

A couple of marroned fishies swimming in the sand, they lay on the sand and rolled around for ages it was minus freezing and the wind was bitter but they just don't seem bothered by it, me I was dreaming of a cup of tea in the warm and hoping to snap the perfect wave. I t was not to be, every spectacular one happened just as I was looking towards or back from the boys. It was almost high tide and while we had the beach to ourselves the tides round here are funny and you can loose 30' of beach in one wave.

Not the biggest wave but I like the pic.

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