Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Do we do enough?

Sometimes I worry that I'll fail at providing a good enough HE for the boys. Today I thought I'd keep a note of what we did......

Watched someone I 'know' from a forum/blogland on breakfast TV which led to the question but mama how can real life people be IN the TV? This led to how TV's work.
We've read maybe 10 books, Kailen's 'read' (memorized) Edan's favourite book to him.
Listened to some story CD's.
Done some maths counting hairbands (we bought a huge bag yesterday) grouping them into colours and adding different sets together.
Made lunch together.
Discussed local govermnment rubbish/recycling collection and parking tickets and what a fine is.
Went to the bank to pay in a cheque, he found the comfiest chair and promptly sat in it and said mama come get me when you're done lol Bought some elastic for sewing and a new button to add to his collection, he tried to scam me for the £8 change!
Play doh session.
Made two birthday cards lots of glueing drawing and writing.
Played with the lovely triangular blocks puzzle building triangles out of triangles.
Walked the dog and played some weird role play fantasy game, it wasn't The Faraway Tree which is the usual choice but I can't remember what it was, bad mama!
He also squeezed in 45 minutes of play with his friend next door.
(plus the tedious housework end of things too boring to go into!)

I guess we do do a lot some days and others we just muddle through.

The elastic is for these :) soon to be added as a stock item to the shop, lots cut out waiting for Sunday when I can sew again.

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