Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Wind Wands

K came home today with a wind wand, brilliant I thought how lovely, perfect for windy Cornwall.

Ahh perfect thought child 2 I will pretend I am admiring siblings handiwork and seize myself a weapon. I had to stop the car and get it off them before it either caused GBH or took a window out.

When we got home more fighting ensued so we made another one, not sure if it was a wise idea as then there were 2 'weapons' but there was 5 minutes of gentle playing with them.


Joxy said...

hehehehe, in Earthwise they have those, but they have one suitable for younger children too, which is willow cane bent round into a circle and then the ribbons added.

I keep meaning to make Rye one.

TicklyToes said...

Joxy beat me to it - but a circular one is less tempting as a weapon. We've made them from embroidery hoops and from empty sticky tape rolls in the past.