Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Finished quilt

Well maybe not totally finished, I think I may hand applique his name and birth date on the back as I have some of the celtic fabric left over.
The bit i enjoyed most was hand sewing the back of the edging, I think I may try to do one entirely by hand.....the machined bits seem a bit souless.

My mitred corners are awful but I followed the instructions precisely so not sure what happened there.


shell said...

Wow, well done it looks great x

TicklyToes said...

Mitred corner tutorial ...

Quilt looks great :)

Liz said...

Liz- yes that's exactly how i did them, I have no idea where I went so horribly wrong!

Del said...

That's lovely. I love sewing the binding back by hand too. It's a feeling of satisfaction as you approach completion.

Time to start a completely hand sewn quilt now! I love to have a little hand sewing to relax with.