Monday, 26 April 2010

A visiting cockerel

Next doors cockerel popped over this afternoon as he had a rare afternoon of freedom, obviously our girls have been taunting him with their beautiful fluffy bums and he was round here asap. When I called the girls in for the night he went in as well so Ive said he can stay for a couple of days and we'll see if we can get some fertilised eggs from the girls over the next few days. Beep goes broody at the drop of a hat and I'm sure she'd be a fabulous mum. I'm quite looking forward to having baby chicks again despite having talked us out of doing exactly this a month or so ago. You can't argue with mother nature or a randy cockerel it would seem. Will try and get a photo of him tomorrow.


Seedlings are racing on and we are in the process of acquiring another greenhouse which is fantastic as I can use it as a mini polytunnel and get more tomatoes/cucumbers and peppers in this year.

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Claire said...

Ooooh, how I would love some chicks, and a cockerel. Just need to be in the middle of no-where though!

Would be great to see a picture of the splendid fella!