Saturday, 3 April 2010

Finally put together :)

I think she needs a name.

It took ages and now I wish I'd waxed it instead of using Danish oil. Typical! I'll look into waxing over it in the future I guess. So far I've only had a chance have a quick play, love the double treadle, everything is so much more balanced in the body and it all flows. I am spinning too fast though and have too much twist. I guess it'll take some time to get used to. Can't wait to do some 3 ply.

We went up to Men-an-Tol on friday for a ritual of passing dolls through the holed stone. We were late (as usual - why can't they all just get ready in time, too much faffing!) as we arrived we saw the group walking up the hill and an almighty dark cloud swept in off the sea and emptied itself on us so we sat in the car for 5 minutes waiting for it to pass. By the time we got up there there was no one to be seen, I think they went on up to Nine Maidens but the boys had been puddle jumping and were soaked. We can never go anywhere without them gettting soaked. I had changes of clothes in the car but then they whine about being cold on the way to get clothes. Also the wellies were full of water and too wet for them to put on again so there went having a decent walk up on the moors and lunch out somewhere. Drives me nuts. I stomped off with the dog in a grump.


Frugal Life UK said...

Like thousands of children before me, we were passed through the men an tol, so we didn't get rickets! and we didn't get rickets!

Claire said...

I love the fact you've got purple wool on the wheel already! What a lovely birthday gift.

Dawn said...

Enjoy playing with your new wheel.

LittleBrownFrog said...

She's beautiful - definitely needs a name. I was passed through the men an tol too lol ... and have never had rickets!!

Becks said...

What a wonderful birthday/mother's day gift.
Enjoy. xx