Sunday, 11 April 2010

Glorious days

My first load of 2 ply wool. It is awful and wonderful at the same time. The black is merino that I had real trouble getting used to and the purple (it's not as burgandy ish as it looks) I think is Corridale.

The weather here has been fabulous and much has been done. The difference a few days of warmth and sunshine can make is amazing
Thje boys have been outside and exhausted by the end of the day.
The ride on lawn mower is fixed and the field has receeived it's first cut for 2 years! It looks so much bigger shorn. The tree/willow planting has made mowing a bit awkward but it just means we use the strimmer more.
This boy melts my heart.

Cherry tomato seedling. My seedlings aren't quite this big so I bought one to get a head start as I so look forward to getting tomatos out of the greenhouse instead of the shops.

This evenings sunset.

I pulled up a few wild garlic plants from a friends and planted them last year and this year they are doing relaly well. Looking forward to foccacia bread with the leaves in the top. Saw the recipe somewhere must look it out.

More heart melting moments. He is finally tall enough to ride the balance bike.

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