Thursday, 29 April 2010

Our current house guest

well he is chased out of our house but allowed in the girls house!

I'd called them to get a picture of him and these two came running after him, i think they'll miss him when he goes....if he goes!
Currently it's quieter having him here than at the neighbours, they have their chickens in their front garden which is in front of our bedroom, I need to have the window open at night so I get woken by crowing every morning at hell o'clock. Our chickens are down the side of our cottage and so far I have no recollection of hearing him, maybe we should keep him so I get a less disturbed sleep!I'm collecting the eggs so they don't get damaged but will start leaving them in a few days in the hope Beep (the all black one above) goes broody which she does regularly so fingers crossed she does with eggs. I might get some fake ones to get her started.
I wonder how long it takes for eggs to become fertilised after being with the cockerel. If an egg takes approx 24 hours to make then I'm guessing 24 hours?!

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