Friday, 2 April 2010

Birthday catch up

So 39 came and went earlier in the week
and my joint mothers day /birthday present that I was dreading turned out to be a .....
she is on her 3rd coat of Danish oil tonight so I should get her built over the weekend! Just waiting for the machine oil to arrive and the bank holiday is going to get in the way! I guess I can put it together without oil and squeeze some in later?
Birthday unicorn and cake. I had to order the number '9' and a couple of other bits and just couldn't resist adding the unicorn :)


Dawn said...

Oh, happy birthday from another 39-er. What a lovely surprise - a traveller too, can't wait to see your spinning photos, have fun. Go for it, if you have any cans of that "3 in one" oil around the house, that's goon on spinning wheel joints, it's what my spinning tutor always uses.

Have fun :-)

shell said...

Missed this - a belated happy birthday to you. What a lovely present. xxx