Saturday, 23 July 2011


 So today I had an unexpected chance to go to the Guilds Saturday meet. I never realised they had added a Saturday meet up so have been missing out for months! Obviously I can't do the weekday one as I have the boys and they would be to a room full of spinning wheels what the four horsemen are to the apocolypse. So at long last no children and no other to do list jobs to get in the way as I was no where near any of them. The Babylonglegs Rainbow Falkland that has been languishing on bobbins finally got a ply with some black merino, well one did at least. Not perfect by a long shot but I kind of like the rustic vibe. One of the ladies who runs it went through everything with the Learners corner and gave me some good pointers. Also found out I can hire a drum carder when I become a member but no meetings now til Spetember as they miss August out. I shall just have to get all the fleece washed and ready for an Autumn of carding.
I think this may become a winter scarf.......


Dawn said...

Sounds like you enjoyed it!
How wonderful too that you can borrow their drum carder - get yur fibres all ready to go and you'll be amazed how much you get done. Lots of fluffy batts to spin over Winter ;-)

Shell said...

That wool is gorgeous xxx