Monday, 18 July 2011

Granny stripe progress

Finding it a bit tedious now to be honest but am looking forward to it being completed. The colours are reminding me of rows of shelves in old fashioned sweet shop with all the jars.
It is very toasty on the lap while working on it. At a guess I'd say I've done a 3rd of the length I want to.


Calling Ravens said...

It does get tedious after a while, doesn't it! I wonder if knitting does too? (Can't knit to save my life).
Your choice of colors is wonderful and cannot wait to see it completed!

Becks said...

Looking great. Tedious though a third of the way through? Hehe, I'm only a sixth of the way through mine and already it's been thrwn in the corner! Shall we not even think about how long the edging will take....