Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Sunset this evening providing a much needed lift to the spirits.

Lava lamp fun - well it is fun until they start fighting over who still has the most alka seltzers and 'he's got two more than me' whine whine whine. The unfairness of life certainly rears it's head early for the average 5 year old.

Water, food colouring, oil and alka seltzers broken into quarters. Ones stamped on by stroppy 3 year olds also work you'll be pleased to know.
Forest School today as well, Kailen doesn't seem to be that bothered by it and wandered off a few times, teachers not happy about that but really these are home ed children with no concept of sit still and pay attention plus they are boys in the woods. I think he *should* sit and participate but he wants to wander, I did say if he didn't want to go and try and focus on what they were offering we could give the place up to someone else but he was adamant he wanted to go again, we'll see how next week goes I guess.

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