Saturday, 16 July 2011

July's Full Moon

At last a full moon I can actually see! not a blurry haze or an utterly non visible one as the last few months have been.
In other news I've broken a toe which subsequently means weeding the garden is pretty much impossible and the weeds have taken over big style but we are still getting spuds, beetroot and courgettes a plenty.
Tomatoes are trying to redden, to be honest I thought it would never happen this year.
Things I would like to write upon but for time, how people view/treat dogs, smoking around children, landshare, estate agents and many more irritations! Luckily I have to go out in 2 minutes so you are all spared.
Crochet granny stripes coming along.....
Lots of vests being made for ye olde shoppe
and a gorgeous Craft Fairy gift :)

Trying to upload stock to Wow Thankyou but only got 3 items up so far...
Not enough hours in the week as usual but enjoying the sewing and my new scrummy Grinch fabric is awaiting my scissors.......


Claire said...

You already know I love that photo, so atmospheric! Sorry to hear about your toe though, hope you are back on your feet soon. In the meantime, enjoy all the sewing :)

Calling Ravens said...

Oh ouch! Sorry to hear about your toe!!! Makes me cringe just thinking about it.
Great photo of the moon!!!!!!

Becks said...

Oh no to the toe, hope it gets better soon. Plenty of sitting and crafting now though eh?