Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Volcano time!

With the recent news stories about an Icelandic volcano erupting again I've been meaning to do this project with the boys.
We built a dinosaur land (on a tray - very important!) and made the volcano in dino land erupt many, many, many times and they squealed with joy every single time.

Arts/crafts tray
Home made green play doh for the volcano covering
Volcano body was an old Whole Earth glass ketchup bottle - nice wide mouth :)
Ferns and bits of twig, trees, cow parsley and dried grass from the field
Old manky play doh to stick the flora in
Wooden dinosaurs and wooden play blocks to act as tree trunks lying on the ground

 Close up of Mr T-Rex, Kailen's favourite dinosaur.

but what's that rumbling.........oh no it's going to dinos run........

We used up lots of white vinegar, red food dye and bicarb :) It was so funny watching their faces in utter delight EVERY time it went, they are going to do it all again the morning to show Daddy how to do it.
It looks a little less scenic now though as we left it outside and came in to get snacks and the chickens got up on the table and trashed it! Knocked trees over, ate the play doh and subsequently left red footprints everywhere!

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