Thursday, 23 June 2011

Is this all ?

Am I unfulfilled as a mother because I have been educated to believe that mothering is a low level 'job' and if you have any brains you will be off having a career creating money or building/creating/completing some 'thing'.
Am I unfulfilled because as a path it truly is not for me.
Are there any Western cultures that value motherhood? Where girls and boys respect and look forward to becoming parents and helping shape the next generation, to correct the errors our parents made (and no doubt make some of our own) striving to provide children with a better childhood and life than the one experienced.
Does Western culture automatically devalue motherhood in the collective subconcious because of the things it values that do not sit easily alongside mothering being a valuable job?
Too many questions and not room in amongst the cooking, cleaning and washing to find the answers.....

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Dawn said...

Some very deep thinking going on there, hope you find your answers one day ...