Sunday, 12 June 2011

Boys Feet!

Real boys do wear nail varnish and they panic that it might wash off if they have a bath.

I think we saw a lesser spotted woodpecker today at least we think it's a lesser not a greater. I'm going to go back this week (in the dry) with the zoom lens and figure it out. The weird thing is it was feeding young who were poking out of holes in a wooden electric pole, signs reading 'Danger of Death', 'Danger' were accompanied by a cute fluffy head poking out of the hole asking for food.
There were 2 chicks and they were poking out of different holes?! How on earth does that work!
Our planned Open Farm Sunday visit has gone by the wayside as the weather has been winter like and it was all we could do to get out to take the dog for a walk.

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