Saturday, 18 June 2011


HOME ED GROUP......has been a day of trains, electric, wind up and narrow guage..........meccano in every colour made up into a wealth of gadgets with turny handles for the boys to play with.
The mine in a shed was quite frankly weird, why would you do that when Cornwall has various real mines you can visit? That aside the volunteers at the museum/collection had buckets of enthusiasm and obviously lived and breathed trains.

We then attempted to make Fathers day cards which had varying degrees of success and a number of ripped up cards and an increasingly impatient mother. Daddy won't mind if you have gone 2mm out of the line you meant to, he will appreciate the effort you put in to drawing an amazingly detailed picture blah blah blah was met with whiny, shouting and big dramatic stomps to put the card in the bin. Seriously, I can go so far and then turn into the parent I don't actually aspire to be..... I think going to school was even mentioned in there somewhere....... ooops!

On a lighter note with the rumbling of the 3 boys snoring I started on my swatch of this crochet has beaten me every time I've tried to crack it. I make small things, forget how to do it and start all over again. My theory is I do a big thing and I'll never forget again, plus the American and UK terms being different really throws me! Someone was selling off the yarn for this project cheap and it seemed too much of a bargain to refuse. The swatch worked out well (after I realised where I had made a mistake!) now I am just facing a starting chain of 240 stitches and the buggering first row of which not one crochet instruction has described as anything other than a pain in the arse.
Oh well stripy loveliness here we go.


Claire said...

Good luck with that starting row for the crochet. I think you'll be dreaming crochet stitches by the end of that project!

Shell said...

Hehe, we have days too where we are all throwing strops ;o).

Good luck with the crochet... I don't envy you at all with that starting chain ;o).