Monday, 1 September 2008

E is 6 months

and it feels like it has flown by (well bar a couple of days, but if I don't get this down it might go unrecorded!)
We have the two bottom front teeth and more on the way. Rolling from front to back and as of 5 mins ago rolling from back to front! Still a bit wobbly when sat up and is prone to toppling forward without warning.Sleep was a restful all night long and then he hit the 4 month growth spurt and sleep officially became a luxury for the weak!
His woolies and sleeping bags and cute clothes are all getting too small and need to be sold on. I didn't feel like this with K as I was keeping it all 'just in case' ;) but there can't be any more and it feels very strange and is definately tinged with a little grief.
He's been watching me eat for a few weeks and is mesmerised by the food or the act of it being eaten, I'm not sure which, so yesterday he had some sweet potato and carrot, it all got squished and thrown around, eating was not top priority! The fruit puree was tasted but not eaten, then today K was having banana for afternoon snack and he wanted some so he had a piece that I think he was just trying to get milk out of .
He adores K, giggles at him and watches his every move desperate to join in with whatever he's doing, K has realised he has an audience and plays up to him big time!

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