Monday, 22 September 2008

Autumn Equinox

Just before we went out yesterday I looked for the chickens to pop them back into their run and found this! rarghh was desperate to lay and egg but Beep was not moving, no way not even for corn, she just let her sit on her head! Chickens are wilful creatures at times.

So we went to the Maize maze and trusted a small child with a red flag to get us out, and he did but we came back out the way we came in after only wandering around about 1/4 of the maze!

Then we went in this crazy train, what it actually was was a landrover with wooden carcass to look like a train then wooden carriages attached, the guy driving it was utterly mad and it was a real bone shaker, not the sedate, smooth train ride I had envisaged. The boys however LOVED every jolting, swaying, juddering moment of it.


Becks said...

Looks like a lovely fun-filled first day of autumn.

Gina said...

Those stripey trousers are fantastic!