Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Off to the woods

Off to the woods for the afternoon today. K took his bike and had a wonderful time, he's getting really good at balancing, it won't be long before he will be able to cope with peddles.
E was frantically trying to look at everything at the same time before succumbing to sleep on my back.
The leaves are starting to flutter down and while I am hoping for a glorious Indian summer (to make up for the non existant 'summer') Autumn is well and truly creeping towards us.
In the greenhouse the tom's are abundant, the cucumbers less so, one had red spider mite so has been evicted and one is currently showing signs of 2 other diseases but hanging on in there. The peas have just vanished and the squashes are being eaten when I'm not looking! Not quite a write off but not a very successful year. Maybe next year I'll bring the two large beds in the field back into use.

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nocton4 said...

that is such a cute photo
can see it on the front of The Mother mag