Thursday, 4 March 2010

Spring is really coming !

We planted various seeds last week and already have lettuce, Thyme, Chives and something else that escapes me, Basil is still to pop up. The garlic I planted late is also tentatively poking new shoots out of the earth.

First Earlies planted today, trying really hard to stick to the lunar calender when we can and today was a root day, the Orlas had chitted nicely so they went in the tyres, first time trying tyres. they are well weathered so hopefully OK for spuds.

Yesterday we went over to a friends and cut down lots of willow and replanted it in the field, fingers crossed the rabbits don't spot it and it gets a hold.

Checking email earlier and was pleased to see a 'your trees are on the way' email :) I thought they'd forgotten about us but they must just be really busy. Oak, ash and 'thorn are on the way to plant down the side of the field and in the circle.

Edans' birthday was lovely, we are off to the owl sanctuary at the weekend.

Home Ed group is going well but it is hard having to do it every week, would be nice to share the responsibilty with someone, we have nana her at the moment and it would be lovely to spend tomorrow with her as well instead of having to go off. Hmmm.

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