Sunday, 7 March 2010

Busy Bees

Saw our first enormous bumble bee last week, the size of my thumb. It's so cold now I hope he makes it.

Our trees finally arrived, oak, ash, 'thorn and rowan, plus I chopped down a boot full of willow from a friends garden that was in need of a trim. got half of it in so far.

All seedlings are increasing in size every day, the tingly energy coming out of them is amazing.

Edan's birthday treat was a visit to the local owl sanctuary and while it was a lovely sunny day there was a bitterly cold wind.

Charm the buzzard who thinks he's human.
Fluffy (yes that is his name!) the barn owl.

I got to fly a barn owl and he landed on the boys as well which they were initially a little scared of but loved it when that split second of fear realised there was nothing to be afraid of.
They also have a brilliant play area.

Chatting to one of the handlers it would seem our nocturnal visitor is probably a tawny owl, going to look into putting up a box somewhere.


Frugal Life UK said...

It's spring like here and dearly beloved has planted onion, put spuds in and he's put tom and cucumber seeds in - it's on the way

Claire said...

We have a tawny owl around somewhere, as I hear it at night. We also have a buzzard and a sparrowhawk who I spot fairly regularly.

What are you doing with the willow? I'd love the space to do a living structure.

Dawn said...

We had an enormous Bumble Bee in our bedroom the other night - freed him through the window.
Sounds like your busy with the trees and seedlings coming on.
Tho Owl sanctuary looks great, not sure I could handle one myself though, not too keen on birds too close to me.