Saturday, 20 March 2010

Happy Ostara

We had some lovley surprises in the post yesterday :)
2 parcels with gifts for our season table. After the previous disappointments I can truly say you 2 lovely ladies made K a very happy boy (and a happy mama as well!) A clever eggshell candle and a beautiful blossom fairy. A crocheted egg, a shell and a lovely crystal that k couldn't stop petting! A delicately painted card with snowdrops on.

A plant pot with some sunflower seeds and a gorgeous knitted daffodil collar for the pot! I will have the best dressed seedlings in Cornwall!

Off here tomorrow for a moot ritual. I am so looking forward to it and it is supposed to be a sunny day, I can fall in love with the magnolia again. I must find one that will survive our location.

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Joxy said...

Lovely to read K is enjoying the season swap gifts :-)

Lovely season table too.