Thursday, 30 July 2009

Jacob wool and riding through puddles.

Summer in Cornwall! Rain, rain rain and more rain (although it was sunny today)
Yesterday we (me mostly) were climbing the walls so depite the pouring rain we went off to the woods. On the way we came upon an escaped bull who was enormous and a buzzard who flew off as I got my camera out. Now K is riding the bike I have to run to keep up with him, at last all the walks we do may have a wanted side effect of losing weight! Within 5 minutes of arriving home the clouds blew away and the sun peeked out.My very own 2 ply wool :) OK it's a very very small ball but I span it all by myself.....
on this lovely spinning wheel......

and knitted it! Now I just have to keep on spinning that Jacob fleece and get on with washing the BFL.
I've seen a wheel in need of repair on ebay so hoping no one else bids!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Quilt layouts

Just got to choose which one to go for.

I am so sick of the rain. The weeds are taking over and the slugs and snails are having a field day.

Friday, 17 July 2009

New bike

with pedals, no stabilisers and a bit of help and he's off! He enjoyed it so much, didn't want to come in for dinner and wanted to eat dinner outside with the bike!
I researched bikes loads before we bought the first one and went for a balance bike but a lightweight 'proper' bike we've stuck with them for the next stage and it is a fantastic bike. It should be for the cost but so worth it.
I think we need a bike rack for the car though as that's not going to squash in the boot with the dog!
(At last walks in the woods can go at a decent speed, slow walks are OK sometimes but sometimes me and the dog need to walk!)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Salivating and quilting

So I've decided before I attempt the large quilt for the sofa I'm going to make a small one for E, picked 4 different celtic pattern fabrics and black for the binding. The back will be 4 F/Q's of the same fabrics to make one huge version of the quilt block. Choosing the fabrics for this took forever, E was getting hot in the shop so I just grabbed 4 and got out of the place. Hopefully they work. I spoke to some WI ladies on Monday at Stithians and they recommended starting with squares, so after re reading the quilt book and almost going more complicated with triangles and angles and folding paper...... I went back to squares. I just picked the size of the squares from my cutting mat lines as it makes my life easier (10cm*10cm)! All quilt pieces are cut out awaiting my next free moment. I did a test piece on the machine and it's impossible to get that centre perfectly lined up freehand so I may have to go to pins and/or tacking before sewing, at least I can do that while E sleeps next to me.
First ripe (ish) tomato and I can't wait to bite into it, I'm willing it on to full redness, almost ready, almost.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

More wool

The black/purple BFL as a skein and a ball, it's on the way to being wooolies I think although I'll have to use some plain balck to stretch it out enough to make a pair for E, he is growing like a weed.


Eventually the 2nd pair of GP LETS woolies :)

S if you are reading they've been lanolised and will be sent off to you as soon as they are dry.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sheep and stuff.

Off to visit the sheep tomorrow. C has told K that if I even look like I am getting money out he is to tell me that we aren't allowed to bring sheep home in the car tomorrow! Spoilsports lol
Finally got some of the pumpkins in today they are getting pot bound. Hopefully the rest will go in inbetween the rain that's due over the next few days.
Tomatoes are getting orangey, I can't wait for that first one.
Strawberries are finished now I think, lots of runners and just a handful of green ones waiting to ripen.

I've just realised that the big green monster we have in the front is a Phormium/New Zealand flax and I could use it to make string. Maybe next year I can tie up the tom's with my own flax string, yet to look into it mind you so I'm hoping it isn't too much of a PIA!
Beep is so desperately broody, I keep taking her off the nest but she gets super cross and flies around the garden protests a bit then heads straight back, I think she's been broody for the last few get eggs or not........?

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Monday, 6 July 2009

Sleepy Feet


Finally tried dyeing some wool today, I can see me doing a lot more!

Swing top/apron

6-18mths ish

£10 reversible top/apron/dress. Shoulders fasten with snaps.

Pictures are of the back.

Sunday, 5 July 2009


Spent today here I didn't take any photos as I had Edan on my back and Storm on a lead plus K and a picnic and it rained everytime I thought about the camera :)
It was lovely, and we are re-thinking the wind turbine idea that was shelved a while ago.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Today was a hot sunny day with a bit of a breeze coming in to tone down the stuffiness of the last few days, off we went to Roskillys for ice cream and cows.
Lunch first in the shade, OK but quite a boring selection and pricey! The birds were a delight though and obviously well used to visitors, this scrappy looking robin ate quite happily from my hand.

The old tractor was an instant hit unsurprisingly, if we could get one to stick in the field the boys would be in utter heaven.

Then we bimbled up to see the calving pens not really expecting anything and we saw a minute old calf, he was still all wet and she still had to deliver the sack/placenta. She was desperate for him to get up but he was very wobbly!

We then strolled down to the ponds where I tried to take some reflectiony pictures.....

and a boy on a bridge

and an enormous dragonfly beasty.

Is there a trick to getting pictures to be where I want then rather than them always appearing at the top and me having to drag them down? When ther are more than a couple it's a total PIA.


I'm looking into getting 2 minature southdowns! There just happens to be a local breeder nearby, hoping they reply to my email asap about going for a visit :)

They are friendly, good size for children, cashmere like wool for spinning/knitting, eat grass but leave trees alone (this is important as we are planning trees and some hedging to go in in the autumn.) and lastly they look like wee bears, what more could you ask for. (lets hope they aren't silly money!)