Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Today was a hot sunny day with a bit of a breeze coming in to tone down the stuffiness of the last few days, off we went to Roskillys for ice cream and cows.
Lunch first in the shade, OK but quite a boring selection and pricey! The birds were a delight though and obviously well used to visitors, this scrappy looking robin ate quite happily from my hand.

The old tractor was an instant hit unsurprisingly, if we could get one to stick in the field the boys would be in utter heaven.

Then we bimbled up to see the calving pens not really expecting anything and we saw a minute old calf, he was still all wet and she still had to deliver the sack/placenta. She was desperate for him to get up but he was very wobbly!

We then strolled down to the ponds where I tried to take some reflectiony pictures.....

and a boy on a bridge

and an enormous dragonfly beasty.

Is there a trick to getting pictures to be where I want then rather than them always appearing at the top and me having to drag them down? When ther are more than a couple it's a total PIA.


Ann-Marie Dewhurst said...

Lovely pics!
I import the pics in first then write what I want to write next to them. Also when you import the pics...put them on large and central. hth! xxx

Dawn said...

I tend to write text first then add photos, then to move them - right mouse click on the photo and cut it, then click the mouse where I want the picture and paste it there. Hope that makes sense.
Nice pcitures from your day out.