Thursday, 16 July 2009

Salivating and quilting

So I've decided before I attempt the large quilt for the sofa I'm going to make a small one for E, picked 4 different celtic pattern fabrics and black for the binding. The back will be 4 F/Q's of the same fabrics to make one huge version of the quilt block. Choosing the fabrics for this took forever, E was getting hot in the shop so I just grabbed 4 and got out of the place. Hopefully they work. I spoke to some WI ladies on Monday at Stithians and they recommended starting with squares, so after re reading the quilt book and almost going more complicated with triangles and angles and folding paper...... I went back to squares. I just picked the size of the squares from my cutting mat lines as it makes my life easier (10cm*10cm)! All quilt pieces are cut out awaiting my next free moment. I did a test piece on the machine and it's impossible to get that centre perfectly lined up freehand so I may have to go to pins and/or tacking before sewing, at least I can do that while E sleeps next to me.
First ripe (ish) tomato and I can't wait to bite into it, I'm willing it on to full redness, almost ready, almost.


Claire said...

Apparently hanging a banana with the tomatoes can help them to ripen quicker. I've never tried it myself, but bananas are renowned for making things ripen quickly.

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have tomatoes! My plants are all very sick due to all the rain and have hardly any flowers let alone fruit :(

Enjoy your harvest!