Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sheep and stuff.

Off to visit the sheep tomorrow. C has told K that if I even look like I am getting money out he is to tell me that we aren't allowed to bring sheep home in the car tomorrow! Spoilsports lol
Finally got some of the pumpkins in today they are getting pot bound. Hopefully the rest will go in inbetween the rain that's due over the next few days.
Tomatoes are getting orangey, I can't wait for that first one.
Strawberries are finished now I think, lots of runners and just a handful of green ones waiting to ripen.

I've just realised that the big green monster we have in the front is a Phormium/New Zealand flax and I could use it to make string. Maybe next year I can tie up the tom's with my own flax string, yet to look into it mind you so I'm hoping it isn't too much of a PIA!
Beep is so desperately broody, I keep taking her off the nest but she gets super cross and flies around the garden protests a bit then heads straight back, I think she's been broody for the last few get eggs or not........?

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Claire said...

I've been contemplating the getting eggs bit too, the thing that puts me off is what to do with the male chicks :( Hope she snaps out of it soon. Hopefully with some cooler weather she will calm down. Perhaps change the nesting material too, that put our broodies off from sitting on the nest.