Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I have to wait a WEEK to get my duff filling replaced :(

The playhouse is almost finished and is getting lots of use! Our neighbours have children the same age as ours so if the last week is any measure of things to come they will be in and out of each others/houses gardens continuously all day. It's trampoline for 5, playhouse for 5, then trampoline again then run next door, then in her playhouse, then on the bikes, back to the trampoline and the playhouse. They don't seem to stop for breath! Crazy.

I made bread bags for all the lovely bread I am addicted to making..... fold tea towel in half, sew up, make a casing at the top for tie. Tea towels were £1 for 3 and the ties were made out of stuff I already had, I do have an eye for the expensive but I love stuff that's almost free!

Took a few pics with the macro lens this morning but half way through the camera started flipping out telling me the lens wasn't talking to the camera or something, eh? for the amount of money it cost I expect them to be able to converse in at least 10 languages.


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