Sunday, 26 April 2009

A brief respite from the downpours

The rain stopped today but was always in the background. Thought I'd make the most of a dry day and take the dog ad child to run off some energy on the beach.........ah yes that would be the beaches we aren't allowed on for the next few months. Pisses me off every single year, I know it's coming, I always forget.

We ended up on the cliffs up the road, was lovely but brrr cold. This of course did not hamper K's jumping into every puddle he could find. He was most disappointed he couldn't jump in the sea! He had socks and crocs on though, beach wear not wellies. His feet were blocks of ice within 2 minutes.
Pics from last few days.....





Chickns are fed up with the rain and change in temperature, they've gone from fluffing up in dust baths to needing umbrellas and weights to stay earthbound.

There are some sorry looking beetroot seedlings, pounded by driving rain and winds that have rearranged most of the neighbours garden fixtures and fittings.

Come back spring. It was so cold yesterday I even lit the fire!

Beltane is fast approaching and we are 9 degrees colder than last week, could the weather fairies please get back on the job.

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Claire said...

Sounds as if you are having a rough time down in the South West. Hope spring returns soon for you.