Thursday, 2 April 2009


After HE group today we went to the park across the road for a picnic and lots of running around and playing. The weather was perfect and they loved it. K is seemingly fearless when it comes to gigantic slides. It's so hard to take a deep breath and trust that he will only do what he can cope with. So hard because sometimes he trips over thin air, how does that octopus like mass of uncoordinated legs and arms climb up the 20+ft ladder on the back of a slide.
HE group was a talk from Shelterbox ( , really interesting. I think we're going to do some fundraising to get a box (£490 per box), each box has a number and you can track exactly where your box has gone!
And I've gone and 'volunteered' to do a session on upcycling/re-fashioning clothes. There have to be boys and girls options, minimal sewing and simple to do. Cack. i think stencilling may feature heavily! Pillowcase top/dress. X large t-shirt to dress/top, stencilling. Applique is too fiddly. Maybe pillowcase to bag?


TicklyToes said...

Do the little trousers from big t-shirt trick, that's a 10 minute job. Iron-on applique? Freezer paper stencils. I have a pillowcase-tote bag tutorial in a magazine here ... and pillowcase-dress

Gina said...

Lovely photo :)