Sunday, 22 February 2009

A day of marmalade and chocolate cake

The alarm went off this morning so I dutifully struggled out of bed and rushed around like usual. Got to work and got reminded that my Sunday shift had been cancelled, I'm so tired I'm on autopilot lol Doh. Oh well I sped back home and set about turing the kitchen upside down making marmalade, chocolate cake and preparing all the veg for dinner. R4 on, I am becoming more like mum every day!
Anyway the marmalade could be a disaster, I'll find out tomorrow when I have toast, I boiled it too long, added water when I wasn't meant to and messed about with the recipe quantities.....
The chocolate cake however is divine. A fairly plain looking cake but it is just mouth watering. It's one from the green & Blacks Chocolate cook book. I mananged to take a picture before the quality control slice was devoured.


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