Friday, 20 February 2009

43-47 catch up

47, my Imbolc sunflower seeds which I noticed this morning, and which despite me completely forgetting to water them or stick a bit of extra compost on top have burst forth determined to herald the Spring :)
46 Some spring sun meant putting the nappies to dry in the fresh air for a change! Really difficult to photograph as the sun was so bright, I need to properly learn about exposure.

45 Storm and his friend from across the fields. We were out for a walk and Storm has a secret entrance to their garden through the hedge, if he's about he calls for his friend they sneak out and two balls of madness run around chasing each other, it's utter chaos and you have to watch your legs as they hoon around!



We've done a lot this week but I'm so tired it has all merged into a blur. Monkey Music, coffee with a friend I haven't seen for a while, dentists, K is wanting to learn how to write letters/ words, library and bargain Ecoballs from Aldi, I'm sure there was more but that was our first visit to an Aldi.
Aldi is a very surreal place, it's almost like you've slipped into another dimension just across from this one. The items on the shelves aren't quite right but look really familiar. A big fake supermarket!
Is there such a thing as a silent keyboard, I'm sure my clicking disturbs E which is why I'm not blogging much. His sleep is a bit broken at the moment and there's no obvious cause? and there he goes again, that's 3 times he's woken in the last 2 hours :(

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